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Chateau de la Huardiere    

Chateau de la Huardiere | 19th century castle nearby Sully-su-Loire, France | Home

Welcome to Chateau de la Huardière!


The castle resembles scenes from different works of art and draws its wealth from the geometry and the profusion of plants, not forgetting the beauty of French gardens and natural essences that tickle your nostrils. Located in the Val de Loire World Heritage of UNESCO and NATURA 2000, the castle was created during the second half of the nineteenth century. It transports you into the sweetness of another era. The layout of the gardens relaxes the spirit as it cultivates it.
Enter in the dance: You can find this magical place by a long avenue lined with cedar, followed by an impressive gate. Following this, appears the clean lines characteristic of the neoclassical style of the nineteenth century. Your eyes will stray for a moment at the sight of the French garden, recognized here by the ordering of plants, the relaxing and invigorating presence of the water and the stone of the antique statues.


You will find plants drawing geometric shapes, driveways opening views of the landscapes surrounding this beautiful property, and a large park that extends to the edge of the Loire.
This charming castle in the Louis XVI style was inspired by the Petit Trianon. This neoclassical style shows the perfect symmetry of the two wings of the castle, a roof terrace and a stone railing that is on the balcony of the lateral pavilion. Not to mention a stained glass veranda window, in the Louis XVI style, which extends the abode.


A walled garden


It is between walls that the garden reveals its wonders, as well as its boxwood embroidery that adorns the lawn. These elegantly restored gardens are a fine example of the walled gardens of the nineteenth century.


Vases of Stone:


Numbering four, they each have their own theme. The pots are arranged at the rear part of the castle, playing with perspectives and geometries. Their diverse proportions do not in any way undermine the balance of the lines of the castle. Furthermore, this harmony gives a place to fantasy. In another location of the park, the stone vases overflow with fruit.
Since 2008, many restorations have continued to reinforce the architecture, thereby integrating the surrounding objects into the landscape.


The vegetal ball:


In the central garden and the two symmetries located in front of the castle, Angela Craciun, the owner, restores the flowers to the taste of the day: « I added a fountain representing two angels, and a few hundred roses. The reason ? The Romantism of this property and its charm could not possibly do without them. »

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